What I Offer

My goal is to provide authentic training at an affordable
price so that it is uniquely accessible to everyone.

Life Consultation

Some changes can make life very difficult, we cannot face the changes because we are scared or we have no support.
I created a personalized yoga program for you to help re-energize and motivate you to go about your life.

LIfe consulation
intermeditate Yoga

Intermediate Yoga

Yoga as an exercise is a physical activity consisting mostly of asanas, often associated with a flowing sequence known as vinyasa.
Sometimes pranayama ends with a breathing exercise, and usually with a period of rest or meditation.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength and conditioning coaches usually work with sports teams, but will also work with some individual athletes. Strength and conditioning coaches have a specific sports team, type of performance, type of training. Has a specialty option
Yoga Teacher

New To Yoga?

Enjoy a special first month for our new yogis at a rate of ₹ 1800 is our way of 

saying welcome to the family!